Send your TabMaid to college!

She works tirelessly for you and 102 hours have gone into her creation... Change her life today!


Pro TabMaids go above and beyond. They fight The War Against Tabs incessantly, answering the call just as eagerly for the 1,000th tab as the very first.


Upgrade to a Pro TabMaid!
Service Capabilities
  • Unlimited Tabs Swept for Life
  • Unlimited Rules
  • A Happy Housecleaner


Basic TabMaids do their best to help tidy your office browser, but need time to recharge after work and don't have the memory of their Pro counterparts.


Hire a Basic TabMaid!
Service Capabilities
  • 100 Tabs Swept per Month
  • 5 Domain Sweep Rules
  • Zoom Meeting Launch Tabs Always Die ☠️